Dev R Handicrafts Udyog is registered/established in 2008 under the company law of the Nepal and based in Kathmandu. We are also member of Nepal pashmina Industrial association. It is one of the top manufacture and exporter of pashmina products in Nepal. We have been providing the best reliability and quality products to our customers through the world. We provide you with all kind of pashmina and Cashmere like sweater, shawl, muffler, blanket and many more product from low, medium to high quality. We are also whole seller and retailer of pashmina and woolen yern. You get what you pay for. So the motive of our company is to satisfy our customer with quality product.

Pashmina is the most luxurious, exotically delicate softest, warmest, lightest natural fiber in the world. It is extracted from the inner coast of the hardly little mountain goats (caprahircus) locally called ”Chyangra”, The pashmina only come from goats resident above 15000 feets at Himalayans and it comes from the one part of the neck. The “pashmina” and “Cashmere”  are synonymous for soft, fine, high quality fiber.